3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth




The 3M WorkTunes Connect are noise-cancelling headphones designed specifically for use in loud environments like construction sites, yards, workshops, etc. They have a noise reduction rating of 24dB which helps block out hazardous noise levels.

Some of the key features of these headphones include:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Allows you to wirelessly stream audio from your mobile device to the headphones. This is convenient as it eliminates cords getting in the way during work.
  • Integrated Microphone: Allows you to take calls directly through the headphones without removing them. The mic picks up voice clearly even in noisy environments.
  • AM/FM Radio: Provides good radio reception so you can listen to talk radio or music stations on the job. There are easy controls on the headset to scan for stations.
  • Audio Assist Technology: Provides voice prompts for settings like pairing Bluetooth or programming radio presets. This allows you to configure the headphones hands-free.
  • Safe Volume Control: Automatically adjusts the volume to a safe level so you don’t damage your hearing even when working in extremely noisy conditions.
  • Comfortable Fit: The soft ear cushions and adjustable headband provide a comfortable secure fit. This is important when wearing protective gear for long periods.
  • Battery Life Indicator: Alerts you when the battery is running low so you can recharge.
  • Audio Jack: Allows you to connect non-Bluetooth devices like MP3 players.