My 8 Best Hearing Protection for Jet Engines (2024)

Best Hearing Protection for Jet Engines

To keep your hearing protected, it’s common knowledge that you should wear hearing protection. In many cases, it’s not just the loudness that can harm your ears – it’s also how long you’re exposed to it.

When working around jet engines, choosing the right hearing protection is critical to prevent permanent hearing damage from extreme noise levels.

Jet engines can produce noise up to 140 decibels, which requires an NRR rating of at least 30 to bring loudness down to safer levels.

The best hearing protection for jet engine environments combines earplugs and earmuffs for maximum noise blocking. For earplugs, look for models specially made for aviation use with foam or composite materials that deeply insert into the ear canal.

Some earmuff models also include communication headsets built-in so you can conveniently listen to music or two-way radios while fully protecting your hearing.

Thus, you should select the hearing protection that works best. Look at the following eight options available on the market, including top features.

Hearing Protection for Jets List

If you’re interested in buying the best hearing protection for jet engines, look at the following options:

  1. EEP-100
  2. Peltor Ultimate
  3. 3M WorkTunes Connect
  4. 3M Peltor X3A
  5. LINK 2.0
  6. 3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel
  7. PROHEAR 037
  8. Husqvarna

The 8 Best Hearing Protection for Jet Engines Reviews

1. EEP-100 Earplug Kit by 3M Peltor

3M PELTOR EEP-100 Ear Plug Kit
Photo: Amazon


Certain loud noises could harm your ears, which is why hearing protection might be essential if you’re exposed to jet engine sounds.

The EEP-100 Earplug Kit by 3M Peltor is a fantastic option to protect your ears in dangerous environments with loud noises. This model has a small design, which is very comfortable and easy to use.

Buying the EEP-100 Earplug Kit means you’re able to protect your hearing. Since these earplugs are resistant to dust and water, they’re very versatile.

Hearing protection devices need to be able to protect your ears while also allowing you to listen to people surrounding you if they talk to you.

These best earplugs for airplane noise help you hear what’s going on around you without having to remove the earplug (limited to 82dB in the case of the speaker).

With a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the EEP-100 ear protection device is ideal if you want long-lasting earplugs. It has a high noise reduction rate, its battery is still built to last up to 16 hours, and you can charge it via micro USB.

2. Ultimate Hearing Protector by Peltor Sport

Ultimate Hearing Protector by Peltor Sport
Photo: Amazon


Peltor Sport specializes in making the best ear protection device for typical danger zones. These earmuffs have a 30 dB noise reduction rate, so they’re ideal if you want to protect your ears from dangerous noises.

Your hearing protection choice always depends on your personal preference, which is why you should always try to receive personalized advice.

However, the Ultimate Hearing Protector by Peltor Sport is a convenient option for many customers since the earmuffs are lightweight, comfortable, and useful.

Since this hearing protection device has a vented headband design, it can reduce the heat built around your head. Additionally, it’s comfortable to use even if you’re wearing hats or caps.

Although your hearing protection choices depend on many factors, several customers often choose this option because it’s convenient, effective, and affordable.

Peltor Sport is a recognized brand, and these earmuffs can protect your ear canal from city traffic and all types of noise.

3. 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth 

3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth
Photo: Amazon


In many cases, you might want to listen to music while you’re protecting your ear canal, even if you’re a jet engine mechanic. Thus, having an ear protector with Bluetooth technology might be very convenient because you can connect it to your phone and enjoy your favorite tunes.

The high noise reduction rate (24 dB) guarantees that your ear canal is safe at all times, and it’s the most important feature of this hearing protector since it helps keep your ears healthy.

Since the Connect Hearing Protector by WorkTunes has a headband design, it’s comfortable, even if you’re wearing caps or hats.

Furthermore, the brand offers different models, and you should examine each one and choose the one that adapts to your personal preference. If you want to receive personalized advice, talking to a professional about your hearing protection options might be a convenient idea.

Even so, this hearing protection fits comfortably, and it’s ideal to protect your ears from noise exposure. With a low battery indicator, you can quickly find out if your device needs charging.

This best ear protection for aviation also includes padded ear cushions, and they’re very soft, which is why it’s so comfortable to wear. You can prevent hearing damage while listening to your preferred music, so why not try these?

4. X3A 3M Peltor Over-the-Head Ear Muffs

3M Peltor X3A Over-the-Head Ear Muffs
Photo: Amazon


Once you choose to wear hearing protection, you know you have to find something that works for the typical danger zones, for example, going to a rock concert or being near a leaf blower or a jet engine.

Although you might need to receive personalized advice sometimes, you can protect your ear canal with the X3A 3M Peltor Ear Muffs. This option offers a 28 dB reduction rate, which is ideal for high or moderate noise exposure.

Moreover, the X3A 3M Peltor Ear Muffs include innovative technology. They have ear cup spacers and inserts, and this helps improve sound attenuation. Since they also have ear cushions, you get a fantastic acoustic seal and trustworthy hearing protection for your ears.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when you’re buying ear protection devices is the model’s design since it helps you determine if it’s comfortable or not.

In this case, the X3A 3M Peltor Ear Muffs have soft and wide ear cushions and cup-tilting pivot points, which guarantees that you’re never uncomfortable.

The model’s design also guarantees that your ears are always protected because its soft cushions create an effective acoustic seal around your head.

You can use this headband for eight hours without having to recharge it, and since it doesn’t have any exposed wires, it’s ideal because it protects you from electrical hazards.

5. LINK 2.0 Bluetooth Hearing Protection by ISOTunes

LINK 2.0 Bluetooth Hearing Protection by ISOTunes
Photo: Amazon


With a 25 dB reduction rating, the LINK Hearing Protection by ISOTunes is one of the best options you can find on the market. The device is resistant to water and sweat, and it has several features you should keep in mind if you’re looking for top options.

ISOTunes is a brand that’s committed to providing you with the best devices, and the LINK 2.0 Bluetooth earmuffs hearing protection is not an exception to this rule.

The headband design guarantees that you’re comfortable at all times, and since it has different large buttons, you can easily change what you’re listening to.

The LINK Hearing Protection includes Bluetooth technology and a microphone, which means you can receive calls while you’re wearing the headband. Additionally, you can quickly connect the device to your phone and listen to your favorite music.

Even if you use the headband at maximum volume, the product never damages your hearing, so you can easily play your favorite music without any worries. At the same time, its battery lasts the whole day, so you have a lot of time before recharging it.

6. 3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Hearing Protector with Bluetooth

3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel
Photo: Amazon


If comfort is what you’re looking for in your next hearing protection device, then the 3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel with Bluetooth Technology might be the ideal option for you. This model protects your ears while also giving you several versatile features, which could be what you’re looking for.

Buying the 3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Ear Cushions Protector means you get a device with a headband design, and it’s particularly comfortable because its Premium gel cushions can completely change your experience.

Additionally, this protector includes Bluetooth technology, so you can connect it to your phone and listen to the music you like.

The Connect and Gel 3M Protector is ideal for all types of loud environments, and its top-of-the-notch speakers give you premium sound quality. Since it also has an integrated microphone, you can receive calls while protecting your ear.

Although some hearing protection devices might be uncomfortable, this headband is designed for you to feel good at all times. Thus, it’s flexible, and you can use it even if you’re wearing caps or hats.

7. Bluetooth 5.0 Hearing Protection Headphones by ProHear

PROHEAR 037 Hearing Protection Headphones 
Photo: Amazon


You need to buy the best devices to guarantee you keep your ears healthy. On the one hand, the model you choose needs to provide you with the appropriate reduction rate, but you should also consider other factors since there are many options.

Hearing protection choices always depend on your personal preference, which is why it’s so important to evaluate different models.

For example, the PROHEAR 037 Bluetooth 5.0 Hearing Protection is a convenient device that guarantees that you work safely and protect your ears.

This hearing protection fits comfortably, and it helps prevent hearing damage and hearing loss, which is something you’re exposed to if your job is in a loud workplace. Since the ProHear headband is comfortable and includes Bluetooth technology, you can quickly connect it to your phone.

When you’re a jet engine mechanic, you must guarantee that you’re caring for your hearing. Keeping your ears healthy might be challenging, but with the ProHear headphones, your experience might change since they can both protect your hearing from any danger and provide you with top sound quality while listening to music.

8. Professional Headband Hearing Protectors by Husqvarna

Husqvarna Professional Headband Hearing Protectors
Photo: Amazon


There are many hearing protection choices to consider before picking the best option. Still, the Professional Headband Hearing Protectors is definitely an alternative you should keep in mind as one of the best ones out there.

Hearing protection devices should protect your ears, but they should also be very comfortable, especially if you need them for your work. You’re probably going to use them for hours, so comfort must be an essential feature.

In this case, the Professional Headband Hearing Protectors stand out from the competition since you can adjust their pressure, which means you can customize them to fit your needs. Since they’re lightweight, you can use them for hours, and their design is ideal even if you wear hats.

Should You Wear Hearing Protection?

This review has educational and informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice. Still, overall, you should always protect your ears, especially if you want to prevent hearing loss or hearing damage.

It’s common knowledge that a jet engine mechanic might be at risk since they’re constantly working in a loud workplace. Thus, wearing hearing protection can help you guarantee that your ears are safe.

 Best Hearing Protection for Jet Engines – Summary

You now have the best hearing protection for jet engines you can find on the market. Therefore, now you have to evaluate each one and choose your favorite.

Using earplugs and earmuffs together against jet engine noise ensures you block sound exposure to recommended limits. Plus, having backup protection prevents issues if one hearing protector gets disrupted or displaced.

Investing in the best aviation hearing protection keeps your ears safe and prevents hearing loss overtime on the flight line job site.


What is the highest grade of hearing protection?

The highest grade of hearing protection available is an NRR 33 rating. This refers to the Noise Reduction Rating, which measures how much sound exposure is reduced by wearing hearing protection.

An NRR 33 rating blocks almost all harmful noise to keep your hearing safe in extremely loud environments.

What ear protection do airport workers use?

Many airport workers use earmuffs or headphones designed specifically for aviation environments. Popular options provide communication abilities while blocking jet engine noises reaching 120 decibels. Some models, like the David Clark aviation headsets, allow sound filters and radio connections.

What are 2 types of hearing protection used in aviation?

The two main types of hearing protection used by pilots, ground crews, and others working around aircraft are passive and active noise-reducing headsets.

Passive headsets like David Clark models use padded earcups to block noise, while powered/active models like Bose Aviation Headsets feature built-in noise cancelling technology to dampen engine roar.

Hearing Protection for Jet Engines

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