Howard Leight Hearing Protection (Review) In 2024

Best Howard Leight Hearing Protection

Whether you’re with an attack company in the military or just like to go to the indoor range periodically, you need the best hearing protection.

It seems that everyone enjoys shooting, but that also means having a well-fitting set of earmuffs. You could be swapping batteries a lot if you use them at full volume often, so you want to ensure that they’re the right choice.

Overall, there is more safety equipment required than just earmuffs. For example, you should have appropriate shooting glasses and a modular integrated communications helmet. That way, everything is protected.

While there are other manufacturers, people seem to really enjoy the Howard Leight brand. It comes with many additional features that fit comfortably snug over the ear.

You can be on any range for a test session or a sporting environment and get a nice, tight package that meets all of your needs.

Best Howard Leight Hearing Protection Reviews

1. Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound Electronic Shooting Earmuffs
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The Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs provide sound amplification and have directional microphones built into the system.

That way, they amplify the range of commands and ambient sounds to 82 dB, a safe amount. You get enhanced communication and more natural listening abilities.

However, the Impact Sport earmuffs are designed to automatically shut off the amplification when the ambient noise reaches 82 dB. Plus, they have an NRR (noise reduction rating) of 22.

It’s easy to keep your shooting glasses tucked behind your ears with these earmuffs. The left ear holds the controls, though it is interchangeable with a little extra work.

You’re sure to appreciate the low-profile ear cups because they offer more stock clearance. There’s even an adjustable headband to get a secure fit.

These electronic earmuffs include an AUX input with a 3.5 mm connection cord for scanners and MP3 players. Plus, you can prolong the battery life with the auto-shut-off feature.

It turns off the earmuffs after four hours. Pair that with the low street price, and you’ve got an excellent product!

2. Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt Digital Electronic Shooting Earmuff

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt
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Most products are effective against all sounds, but you still want to know what’s happening around you. The Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs allow you to.

Overall, they are very popular because they dampen loud noises and amplify normal sounds. The downside of these electronic earmuffs is that they require batteries.

The manufacturer replaced the analog circuitry, so it has a faster speed at which it detects noises over 82 dB to shut down the system.

This new digital circuitry does come at a price because the battery life goes from 350 hours (Sport set) to 150 hours (Bolt). However, you can hear range commands from your rifle team leader if you don’t have a dead battery.

Still, most people prefer electronic ear protection for shooting sports. They still have the 22 NRR, which is as effective as other options. Plus, you get airflow control technology, recessed directional microphones, and the four-hour auto-shutoff feature.

These are water-resistant earmuffs so that you can use them in less-than-ideal conditions. You’re sure to appreciate the soft tactile feel that the Impact Sport earmuffs offer. Plus, it includes two AAA batteries and features a solo battery compartment.

3. Howard Leight Leightning L3 Shooting Earmuff (R-03318)

Howard Leight Leightning L3 Shooting Earmuff (R-03318)
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Those who want something more cost-effective might prefer the Leightning L3 earmuffs. They have a lightweight design for a contemporary style and maximum protection.

You’re sure to appreciate the ear cups because they’re very soft and reduce the squeezing sensation on your head. Plus, the snap-in feature lets you quickly and easily replace them as needed.

The headband offers a telescopic adjustment option for a custom fit. Plus, the steel wire construction holds up to demanding use.

You even get three sound-lowering levels to handle different environments. Block sounds easily in any situation. These earmuffs have an NRR of 30.

Overall, The Howard Leight hearing protection Shooting Earmuff delivers exceptional hearing protection with a high NRR rating and comfortable fit.

Key innovations like Air Flow Control technology and snap-in ear cushions add convenience without compromising noise reduction or comfort.

The premium performance comes at a high price point, but excellent hearing protection is worth the investment for regular shooters.

4. Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuffs
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If you’ve been to a shooting range, you likely hear “eyes and ears” all the time. This refers to the safety equipment required above all else.

This brand works well in either the workplace or sporting environment, and the Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs have what it takes to prevent occupational hearing loss.

With the Impact Sport option, you get a range bag to hold everything, a watertight hard case, two AAA batteries, an audio cord, and a pair of soft-touch ear cups.

These earmuffs work much better than other electronic earmuffs and have a padded leatherette headband. Plus, the slender design of these Impact Sport earmuffs reduces interference when you’re shouldering short-barreled rifles.

With these electronic earmuffs, the microphone amplifies the slightest ambient noises, so you have a super-human hearing. A light breeze, birds, and whispers come in at full volume.

You may have to dial the volume knob down to hear less activity, depending on your situation. Whether you’re shooting bolt-action long guns or handguns, these earmuffs block the noise and reduce the sharp crack each time.

Now, you don’t have to holler at the shooting partners while competing in shooting sports. These earmuffs let 82 dB noise pass through and then reduce impulsive damaging noise by up to 22 dB.

Even with watch caps and various hats, the earmuffs don’t fall off your head, unlike other headache-inducing headsets you may have tried before.

Overall, these earmuffs come at a reasonable price point and have a great feature-laden value compared to others on the market. The long battery life doesn’t hurt, either!

5. Howard Leight by Honeywell Folding Ultraslim Shooting Earmuffs

Howard Leight by Honeywell Folding Ultraslim Shooting Earmuffs
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You’re sure to appreciate the ultralight design of the ultraslim shooting earmuffs. They don’t interfere with your shooting and use a folding feature to collapse them to about 4 inches.

The ear cushion is quite soft, which means there’s no squeezing sensation when you put them on. Plus, they have an NRR of 23 and include three noise reduction levels to handle various shooting environments.

The Howard Leight L0F Shooting Earmuff delivers a rare combination of comfort, compactness, and hearing protection. The slim, ultralight design with patented airflow tech cuts noise while preventing squeezing.

Easy to pack away, though the NRR rating and sound dampening trail some bulkier earmuffs. Overall an innovative pair perfect for shooters prioritizing comfort and portability.

6. Howard Leight by Honeywell Leightning L0F Folding Safety Earmuffs

Howard Leight by Honeywell Leightning L0F Folding Safety Earmuffs
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This product features a compact folding design to help you store it in your bag safely without it getting broken or deformed. Plus, the ear cups are stylish and offer enough ventilation without sacrificing quality.

The overall slender design blocks noise and only weighs 40 ounces. You’re sure to appreciate the padded headband, allowing you to wear it all day if you want.

However, they block all noise, so you might need an electronic version if you still want to hear conversations.

The Howard Leight Folding Safety Earmuff delivers patented noise-blocking technology and portable convenience optimized for mid-range decibel levels.

The compact folding design and foam padding prioritize on-the-job comfort and portability. While the attenuation trails heavier-duty models, the innovative airflow technology, easy storability, and snap-in ear cushions make this a versatile, ergonomic option across an array of occupations.

7. Howard Leight VS130HV VeriShield HiViz Yellow OTH Earmuffs

Howard Leight VS130HV VeriShield HiViz Yellow OTH Earmuffs
Photo: Amazon


Those who want to be seen are sure to appreciate the HiViz earmuffs from Howard Leight. They’re designed to be noticed, so you can wear them while hunting with no fear. Plus, the leatherette headband is padded, and you get an NRR of 30.

With an impressive NRR rating of 30, the Howard Leight VeriShield Passive Earmuff sets the standard for hearing protection across high-risk occupational settings.

Signature features like memory foam cushions and a customizable headband provide day-long comfort, while the robust cup design holds up in demanding environments. The premium performance does come at a price, but excellent hearing conservation is non-negotiable.

Shockwaves and the Inner Ear

People talk a lot about the middle ear. This includes the eardrum and the little bones inside (stirrup, anvil, and hammer). However, that’s not what causes hearing damage; it occurs in the inner ear.

The ear canal is only 2 millimetres wide and 30 millimetres long. Sound races along it, but there’s an organ in the middle that rests on the membrane.

Along the tiny assembly, you have little hairs that register sound, transmitting it through your auditory nerves and into the brain.

Exposure to loud sounds at 140 dB or more could cause segments of the organ to separate from the membrane. This causes an inflamed lesion, which makes the hairs die. In a sense, you go deaf.

Researchers believe that tinnitus (high-pitched noise inside the head that doesn’t go away) starts because the brain tries to regain its ability to hear sound frequencies by turning up the others.

Proper Ear Protection

Some people think that packing peanuts, tissue, cigarette filters, and cotton balls are appropriate hearing protection, but this is false. They are definitely better than using nothing, but they only reduce noise by about 7 dB.

Instead, you need earmuffs or earplugs, and some of them are pretty technologically advanced.

Noise Reduction Rating

Every pair of earmuffs you look at should list the noise reduction rating on them. You want something that reduces noise by a minimum of 15 dB, but 30 dB is better. If you add earplugs to the muffs, you could reduce noise levels by 10 to 15 dB more.

Importance of Ambient Noise

If you’re from a military family, you understand how crucial ambient noise can be. Though the hearing protection should shield your ears from loud noises, such as gunfire, you still need to hear what’s happening around you.

At the shooting range, that’s probably not a problem, but while hunting or on a mission, you can’t adjust the control knob all the time to hear what the commander says. Let’s find the top seven Howard Leight earmuffs!

Conclusion: Howard Leight Hearing Protection

If you want the best hearing protection, the cutting edge has to be from the Howard Leight brand. All seven of these items are great for those who like to shoot, but you can use them almost anywhere.

For example, if you’re a licensed pilot who enjoys alpine skiing or sea kayaking, they can be worn to protect the ears from those loud noises.

Regardless, you’re sure to appreciate any of these products, but the Impact Sport Electronic version is likely the top choice.


Is Howard Leight a good brand?

Howard Leight is widely considered one of the premier manufacturers of hearing protection equipment. They are known for patented noise-blocking innovations like Air Flow Control technology and the use of specialized foam in their earmuffs and earplugs.

They produce models across a range of Noise Reduction Ratings to suit different occupational and recreational noise levels.

While Howard Leight models usually come at a higher price point, most users find the combination of attenuation, comfort, and durability well worth the investment.

What is the best hearing protection?

The “best” hearing protection depends on your needs and environment. Howard Leight’s higher-end earmuffs, like the Thunder series, offer incredibly high NRR ratings over 30 for extreme noise, while their slimmer, low-profile folding models prioritize comfort and portability.

For those exposed to louder noises periodically, simple and affordable passive earplugs may provide sufficient protection. Consider the noise levels you face, how frequently you wear protection, and key factors like comfort and fit before investing in hearing conservation options.

What is the difference between Howard Leight and Walker earmuffs?

Both Howard Leight and Walker manufacture professional-grade hearing protection equipment used across many industries. Key differences include:

  • Noise Reduction Ratings – Howard Leight focuses more on extremely high NRR models over 30
  • Comfort technologies – Howard Leight uses specialized foam and venting
  • Style options – Walker offers more choices in color, graphics, etc.
  • Price – Howard Leight models generally come at a higher price point

Choosing between the two brands depends largely on personal fit, comfort, and attenuation preferences.

Howard Leight Hearing Protection

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