Top 8 Best Tactical Hearing Protection in 2024

Best Tactical Hearing Protection

Many people talk about needing to wear safety glasses while shooting, but sometimes, people forget the importance of wearing ear protection.

It is essential to look after your hearing when engaging in activities with a lot of noise, like shooting or working with loud machinery.

When selecting tactical hearing protection for shooting sports, electronic earmuffs are usually the top choice. Look for earmuffs with a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25dB or more to block loud gunshot noise effectively.

That is why this list has been made with some of the best tactical hearing protection options for you. These products will protect your ears from any loud noise during your activities.

What Are Tactical Hearing Protection Devices?

Tactical hearing protection devices are earmuffs that people wear when shooting or while they’re in a noisy environment.

They are helpful at ear protection while still giving the user the ability to hear the quiet sounds and loud sounds around them.

It is essential to wear the appropriate earmuffs during these activities; otherwise, you could permanently damage your hearing. Some people also opt for ear plugs for added protection in their ear canal.

Tactical Hearing Protection List

Here’s a list of my favorite tactical hearing protection on the market right now:

  2. Peltor Sport Tactical 100
  4. Peltor Sport Tactical 300
  5. Peltor Sport Tactical 500
  6. GLORYFIRE Ear Plugs
  7. Sordin Supreme Pro-X
  8. Retevis EHK007

Let’s look at these in further detail

Best Tactical Electronic Hearing Protection Review

1. ACT FIRE Shooting Ear Protection Electronic Hearing Protection

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This pair of noise-cancelling earmuffs from ACT FIRE has been made to protect your hearing. The company has studied the problems with other earmuffs across the US and has made sure to create better noise-cancelling headphones.

Moreover, the sound can be heard on the inside of the earmuffs through an internal amplifier. This means that you can still hear everything around you clearly and realistically.

The noise reduction rating is 26DB, which can help with lowering any noise exposure when shooting. It does come with ear plugs as well for added protection.

Additionally, there is a helpful case that you can use to keep your earmuffs safe and clean. Just make sure to have AAA batteries available so you can use these earmuffs.

Overall, with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, these ear plugs are the ones to think about when purchasing your next pair.

2. Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector for Shooting

Peltor Sport Tactical 100
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If you are looking for earmuffs that are good for indoor and outdoor use, these might be the ones for you. The Peltor Sport has made earmuffs that incorporate a variable suppression time, reducing any echoes while indoors.

The adaptive frequency response allows users to hear voice commands and clear communication. When it comes to wind noise, it has durable recessed microphones, which reduce and prevent any damage caused by wind noise.

However, the most impressive aspect of these earmuffs is that they have been made with 3M technology, so every user can have the latest technology while shooting.

The Peltor tactical hearing protection earmuffs are very comfortable, with the added cushions on the ear cups. Moreover, there is a cushion on the head strap, which sits comfortably on top of your head.

Sadly, these earmuffs do not come with foam earplugs, so you must purchase them separately.

3. AXIL TRACKR Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs – All-Purpose Earmuffs

AXIL TRACKR Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs
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The earmuffs by AXIL are great tactical ear protection that can block out any sound that goes over 85DB. These are electronic earmuffs, so you will get enhanced hearing and good hearing protection at the same time.

AXIL prides itself on creating a vision all about innovation, so the customer always receives a good product that is paving the way in the industry.

It does pump low-frequency noise into your ear canal, so make sure that this is comfortable to wear for you. Everyone’s ears are different, so this ambient noise may not be right for you.

4. Peltor Sport Tactical 300 Electronic Hearing Protector

3M Peltor Sport Tactical 300
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Another pair of earmuffs from Peltor Sport has made it onto the list. These 300 Smart Electronic earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 24DB.

With headphones that are great for indoor and outdoor sports, you can’t go wrong with purchasing them. An exciting piece of technology that is used is the dynamic suppression time.

This technology can measure the energy from the gunshot and automatically changes the suppression time so there are fewer echoes. Such technology makes these headphones very comfortable when you are using them.

Additionally, the durable tactical hearing protection with the mic helps with noise reduction, so your hearing is always protected. Also, these electronic earmuffs have a vented headband – which can help with letting air pass through.

This Peltor tactical hearing protection device does use AA batteries, but the battery life is good and will last you a long time. With 4.7 out of 5 stars, there is no wonder why these earmuffs are so popular.

5. Peltor Sport Tactical 500 – Best electronic hearing protection for shooting

Peltor Sports Tactical 500
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When it comes to your ear protection, you want to make sure that you only use suitable earmuffs. Peltor Sport has continuously shown to be a great maker of shooting ear protection devices.

These earmuffs are the first on this list to have Bluetooth capability, so you can enjoy music or take a phone call while using these earmuffs. Additionally, this pair also comes with dynamic suppression time technology, so you can feel safe with this shooting hearing protection.

Moreover, these earmuffs can track voices in the background noise, reducing any environmental sounds that could disrupt communication. This is great if you need to communicate while shooting.

6. GLORYFIRE Ear Plugs for Shooting Range Hearing Protection

GLORYFIRE Shooting Electronic Ear Plugs Review
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This pair of hearing protection earmuffs has been made to help amplify sounds while protecting your ears. These earmuffs can do this by being equipped with a built-in amplifier, so every user can hear everything they need.

Doing this helps you identify where the sound is located so you are better able to enjoy your shooting experience. Suppose you are worried about your earmuffs losing their color over time.

In that case, there is no need to worry because this electronic ear protector has been coated with a Japanese imported shell that is supposed to keep your earmuffs looking bright for an extended period.

Additionally, the volume controls are easy to manage because you can change them while rotating the dial. This is the best shooting ear protection to eliminate noises from 23DB. That is why using these earmuffs in a shooting range is excellent.

7. Sordin Supreme Pro-X Ear Defenders for Hunting & Shooting

Sordin Supreme Pro-X Ear Defenders
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This hearing protection option is made out of 100% leather. The Pro X comes with four levels of sound amplification. Some integrated speakers help amplify quiet sounds while reducing loud noises.

The microphones have been waterproofed, making these earmuffs perfect for the outdoors. There are two microphones in each earmuff, so the user can hear everything around them.

However, these are the most expensive options on this list. It is because these are the same professional hearing protection that the US Army uses. You know that these can work against any loud sound, so your ears are always protected.

8. Retevis EHK007  – Best Tactical Headset Noise Cancelling

Retevis EHK007 
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The last pair of earmuffs on this list are the ones by Retevis. These earmuffs are different from the others previously mentioned because they have a walkie-talkie ability. It allows users to enjoy conversations while using these earmuffs.

If hearing the environment is essential to you, you will be happy to know that these earmuffs can allow the user to listen to the environment clearly around them. Additionally, the noise reduction ratings do sit at 28DB.

Also, if there are any loud blasts, the earmuffs can detect them and automatically turn off. This is an excellent protection for your ears because you will be able to protect your hearing with these earmuffs.

Moreover, These military tactical headsets are dust and moisture-proof, so you can relax knowing that your earmuffs are safe against a certain amount of damage.

What to Look for Ear Protection Devices

Many shooters have earmuffs like these because they help protect your entire ear. When it comes to continuous noise, you need to ensure that you are looking out for your ears.

That is why many people opt for options like the auto shut-off feature: the earmuffs are working with you. Also, many people purchase earplugs because they are great for in-ear protection. There are also interesting electronic earplugs that you can look out for.

Additionally, you should have the best sound quality so you can hear range commands no matter where you are. Do not wear earmuffs that prevent you from listening to conversations because you could lose out on the critical information around you.

Lastly, pick a pair of comfortable earmuffs. The padded headbands are great for ensuring you are comfortable wearing your earmuffs. You will be wearing them for an extended period, so ensure you do not get annoyed with them.

Conclusion: Best Tactical Hearing Protection Reviews

Picking the right earmuffs for your tactical use is crucial because you need to make sure that they can protect your hearing. Many of the options on this list are terrific choices if you want the best ear protection.

Also, think about buying ear plugs as well, so you can further protect your ear canals. Make sure to buy the best earmuffs for you and your needs.


What is the highest-rated ear protection?

The highest user-rated electronic earmuffs for shooting and tactical use based on online reviews and expert recommendations are the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector with Bluetooth and the Walker’s Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuff.

What ear protection is best for shooting?

For most shooting scenarios, electronic earmuffs offer the best all-around hearing protection. Their active sound dampening blocks sudden gunshot noise over 82dB while amplifying quieter sounds.

This allows situational listening and communication on the range without compromising hearing safety. Electronic in-ear devices are also excellent choices, offering many of the same features in a compact package.

What is the best tactical hearing protection for hunting?

When hunting, walkers or other adaptive listening electronics earmuffs make excellent tactical hearing protection choices. Hearing Protection Muffs actively listen for preferred nature sounds like animal movements or predator cues while suppressing loud firearm discharges.

This allows hunters to maintain prime environmental awareness of their surroundings. Other top electronic earmuff picks include Peltor Tactical 100 and MSA Supreme Pro X with adaptive amplification enhancement for detecting faint animal sounds better during the hunt.

Tactical Hearing Protection

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