Best Hearing Protection for Shooting in 2024 (9 Picks)

Best Hearing Protection for Shooting

The greatest approach to preserving one’s hearing is to make ear protection a habit. High-frequency noise is particularly common in industries, aviation, the military, and shooting ranges, among other places. As a result, hearing protection is used to reduce noise and is meant to be comfortable for the person.

Ear protection is designed to be easily pocketed and combined with other items, such as helmets or goggles, and they provide great soundproofing of background noise.

However, hearing protection provides a more comfortable experience for long-term use without causing discomfort in one’s ears.

Although merely covering the outside of the ears, the earmuffs provide enough noise attenuation and may be used multiple times.

Protecting hearing aids in better health of the ears, too, as permanent hearing loss is possible thanks to loud sounds.

Hearing protection devices provide effective noise reduction and have many high-end features. As a result, it is more commonly employed in numerous industries, such as construction and aeronautics, in addition to combat and combat support activities.

In this article, we look at the best hearing protection for shooting ranges on the market.

Top rated Shooting Ear Protection

Let’s get straight into it. Our top eight options are:

  1. Peltor Sport Tactical 500
  3. Sordin Supreme Pro-X
  4. Walker’s Enhancer Earbuds
  5. Caldwell E-Max
  6. Walker’s Silencer Earbuds
  7. PROHEAR 056 30dB
  8. GLORYFIRE Ear Protection
  9. SureFire EP7 Sonic

Let’s look at these in further detail:

9 Best Hearing Protection for Shooting Reviews 

1. Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector for Shooting

Peltor Sports Tactical 500
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • 26 dB
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dynamic suppression
  • Clear voice tracking
  • Soft, padded headband and ear cushions

The Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology is the first item on this list. It’s an extremely popular and in-demand mid-range ear protection device, with over 2,000 sales on Amazon and several customer praises.

First and foremost, the customizable and sensitive noise filter impressed us. The ear muffs are meant to eliminate harsh noise while allowing for the hearing of natural noises.

When it comes to human sounds, this characteristic works well. As a result, a normal discussion may be had without shouting across the shooting range.

While shooting, PELTOR’s technology recognizes gunshots instantaneously and reduces the noise to a comfortable level. Thus, the NRR is 26dB, which is marginally greater than most electronic competitors.

This item is also soft and lightweight, which is an excellent quality to have. The ear cups fit your head easily, and the cushioning also makes it comfortable.

The Peltor 500 Tactical earmuffs are a good option for those who prefer Bluetooth connections. Wireless calls, alerts, and music can all be heard loud and clearly.

You can power this product with two AA batteries or a 3M Alpha 1,100 lithium-ion battery pack. We also use the micro USB port on the headset to charge it.

The headset generates an auditory “low battery” signal as the battery starts to degrade. Therefore, you can charge it or utilize it normally throughout your rest period.

2. OPSMEN Hearing Protection Headphones for Shooting

OPSMEN Hearing Protection
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • 22dB
  • 360° sound amplification
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant
  • Foldable design
  • Rechargeable batteries

OPSMEN Electronic Shooting Earmuffs Safety Sound Amplification Noise Canceling Protection is the next item on our list of the top hearing protection evaluations.

Its look makes it one-of-a-kind and stunning. This item appeals to us as it is available in a variety of colors. This product features a highly attractive and durable design. It allows you to choose from up to six different color schemes.

As a result, it is ideal for both males and females, or it precisely reflects their individuality through color. Regarding structure, the metallic area is exposed a lot with a thin leather case, giving the object greater strength and assurance.

The M31 is made of polycarbonate plastic and appears to be nicely constructed. When fitted, it feels robust yet has decent flexibility.

3. Sordin Supreme Pro-X Ear Defenders for Shooting

Sordin Supreme Pro-X Ear Defenders
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • Active noise reduction
  • Amplifies low-level sounds 4x
  • Made in Sweden
  • ANSI and European safety-certified
  • Waterproof external microphones

Sordin Supreme Pro-X is a pair of Electronic Shooting Earmuffs. Buyers have given this product a positive rating on Amazon, stating, “Greatest performance I’ve discovered and would suggest.”

The Sordin Supreme Pro-X provides top-tier active hearing protection and sound enhancement encapsulated in extremely durable waterproof housing.

The noise dampening and 4x sound amplification allow situational awareness without sacrificing safety. While very expensive and bulky, these high-performing ear defenders are ideal for hunters/shooters, industrial workers, military and law enforcement who want reliable high-end hearing protection.

Comfort is often overlooked regarding hearing protection, but it’s crucial for extended use. The Sordin Supreme Pro-X Ear Defenders are designed to provide exceptional comfort, featuring soft, padded ear cups that conform to the shape of your head, reducing pressure and discomfort.

Overall, the Sordin Pro-X Ear Defenders are a premium hearing protection solution designed to meet the demanding needs of hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

They offer exceptional noise reduction, superior sound quality, a comfortable fit, and a host of advanced features that make them an excellent choice for those who prioritize their hearing health and want the best hearing protection for shooting.

4. Walker’s Silencer Rechargeable Earbuds

Walker's Silencer Rechargeable Earbuds
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • 29dB
  • Omni-directional microphones
  • Hi/low sound compression
  • Sound-activated compression
  • Rechargeable lithium battery

The Walker’s Shooting Training Protection Earbuds offer a lightweight neck-worn design, providing quality hearing protection and sound enhancement for shooting or hunting.

The 29dB noise reduction, omnidirectional sound, and convenient recharging features balance protecting hearing while maintaining situational awareness.

It’s very light and comfortable, even while wearing it. While not the highest protection levels or audio fidelity, the complete package provides an adaptable and comfortable electronic ear protection solution.

5. Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • 23dB
  • Dual microphones
  • Sound amplification
  • Adjustable headband
  • Audio input jack

This option is one of the most economical and efficient electronic ear muffs for your ears. The red LED button on the sides, for starters, is intriguing.

The headset lights up when you switch it on. This is a bonus because several other electronic ear muffs we saw didn’t show any signs of being used. As a result, you can turn it off when it’s not in use to save its battery.

A port for a separate sound source, such as a music player, is also included. It’s simple to listen to music while reading a book.

Luckily, if you utilize a headphone jack, the microphone still works, allowing you to listen to music while conversing with others.

This best electronic ear protection for shooting delivers solid hearing protection and enhanced sound for shooting and hunting.

Key highlights include quality directional audio and a comfortable slim design that enables ideal cheek weld shooting positioning.

While the NRR rating and weatherproofing could be better, the adjustability, battery power, and amplification features make these an excellent mid-range electronic ear defender option.

6. Walker’s Silencer Earbuds Protectors for Shooting

Walker's Silencer Rechargeable Earbuds Review
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • 24dB
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4 operation modes
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design

The Ear Protection for Shooting Gun Range Shooting earbuds are a popular item. It’s an excellent pick for you, with over 900 Amazon reviews and really high ratings. Because they’re over the ear hearing protection, these have many functions.

They are designed to exaggerate noises surrounding you at the shooting range.  When high-frequency sounds are present, these shooting earbuds preserve your hearing while boosting conversation and other loud noises below a safe decibel level.

If you are at a practice session, you may utilize this feature to listen to what your peers or the instructor are saying. This item’s tactical design, which is available in several colors, is another benefit.

The Walker’s Silencer Rechargeable Earbuds provide effective hearing protection with a high noise reduction rating, making them ideal for shooting guns or in other extremely loud situations.

The rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and control app add great convenience and customization. While bulkier than regular earbuds, they have an ergonomic and secure fit.

Overall, these earbuds are an excellent choice for protecting your hearing without compromising situational awareness.

7. PROHEAR 056 30dB Highest NRR Digital Electronic Shooting Ear Protection

PROHEAR 056 Electronic Shooting Ear Protection Muffs
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • 30dB for high noise reduction
  • Amplifies ambient sounds
  • Quick 0.01s reaction time
  • Directional microphones
  • 3.5mm audio input connectivity

The PRO HEAR 056 30dB Highest NRR Digital Electronic Ear Protection Muffs protect your ears from loud noise. This item excels at both high-grade loud noise reduction and low-sound amplification for improved hearing.

It has outstanding noise resistance, for starters. With an NRR of 30dB, these ear plugs provide protection from high noise levels, as the name implies. Because of the microchip upgrade, the broad ear shell design improves the efficient noise reduction qualities.

It also has two omnidirectional microphones, identical to those found in other products, and helps with hearing natural noises and identifying sound direction.

This function is very useful when hunting because it allows you to identify the target immediately. The device’s magnification is also quite good.

8. GLORYFIRE Ear Protection, Hearing Protection for Gun Range

GLORYFIRE Ear Protection
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • 26dB
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Three sound mode options
  • Voice tracking
  • Comfortable and durable design

GLORYFIRE Ear Protection ear muffs are comfortable to put on and have microphones that can detect ambient noise. This is a proper hearing protection product!

The device’s ability to magnify even the tiniest sound is its most impressive feature. They may amp up the sound by six times so you can converse more effectively, particularly if you’re hunting in the woods and need to identify your prey’s motions.

These also have multidirectional microphones, allowing users to hear everything around them clearly. The microphones are muted when the ambient noise level surpasses 82 decibels (noise reduction rating).

When firing, the noise that irritates your ears is muffled, leaving just a pleasant noise.

9. SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Earplugs for Shooting

SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra filtered Earplugs
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • 28dB
  • Memory-foam Comply canal tips
  • Built-in sound filters
  • Let safe/ambient sounds through
  • Low profile design

SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Earplugs that include a storage case for the shooting range. The 28NRR is an affordable Earplugs with outstanding soundproofing properties.

Buyers have given this product a positive rating on Amazon, stating, “Cheapest and greatest performance I’ve discovered and would suggest.”

When you’re shooting, the noise level seems to be much lower. It has a noise reduction rating of 28 decibels; this is enough to protect your ears.

The SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra provides a comfortable, highly effective hearing protection solution with situational awareness.  The layered sound filtering allows ambient sound through while blocking dangerous loud noises.

Worn inconspicuously under gear, these best earplugs for shooting ranges are also ideal for industrial, military, and law enforcement applications where hearing safety and communication are critical.

The Best Ear Protection for Noise Exposure During Shooting

Hearing loss or full loss, as well as other health issues, can occur when people are subjected to high amounts of noise.

Therefore, using noise-cancelling earmuffs is a critical decision that will aid you in having clear hearing and communication and provide you with calm time to relax and rest no matter where you are.

Protect you and your family with protection equipment. Hopefully, this top 9 list of best hearing protection for shooting can assist you in finding the finest equipment for your needs.

Remember, no matter what profession you have, your health is always the most valuable asset; therefore, don’t be afraid to invest in the best protection for your well-being!


What is the best ear protection for shooting guns?

The best ear protection for shooting guns is electronic earmuffs or earplugs with a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Look for an NRR of at least 23dB to significantly dampen firearm discharge noises that permanently damage your hearing.

Many shooting specialists recommend combining external electronic earmuffs that actively listen and amplify ambient sounds at safe levels with inner high-NRR disposable or reusable earplugs for double protection.

What DB rating is ear protection for shooting?

For adequate shooting ear protection, experts often recommend a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23dB or higher. This blocks enough decibels to protect hearing from loud gunfire noise reaching dangerous levels.

Premium shooting earmuffs offer 28+dB NRR, while simpler earplugs often provide 23-25dB. The higher the NRR, the greater the dampening of sudden loud shotgun/rifle discharge soundwaves.

What is the best form of hearing protection?

The best form of hearing protection for shooting combines electronic earmuffs on the outside with inner foam or silicone earplugs. This “double hearing protection” approach provides layered noise dampening and sound amplification so you can hear range commands while blocking unsafe decibel levels.

High-quality shooting earmuffs actively compress noise via built-in microphones, while inner earplugs provide a tight seal. Combined, they offer superior hearing protection optimized for the shooting environment.

Do noise-cancelling headphones work for shooting?

Noise-cancelling headphones alone are not good substitutes for tactical electronic earmuffs or earplugs at the shooting range.

The reason is that the circuitry in consumer headphones is not designed to handle sudden extreme sound spikes from gun blasts nor filter frequencies specifically in that range.

Electronic shooting earmuffs have microphones and processors optimized for suppressing gunshot noise while amplifying voices and ambient sound for situational awareness.

Hearing Protection for Shooting

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